While the idea of moving into a new home is exciting, the actual process can be daunting. However, if you plan for your move well in advance, you can reduce your stress and enjoy the task. Before you even pack a box, there are a few housekeeping items you may want to check off your to-do list. Follow these tips to ensure your big move goes off without a hitch:


Prepare the Interior of the House

Whether you purchased a new build or an existing home, you may want to update the inside before you unpack your belongings. Take a look at the interior and decide what you may want to change about it. Brushing on a fresh coat of paint, installing better flooring, or even adding some fancy crown molding will help you personalize the space to your liking.

Consider Upgrading the Electrical System

It’s astonishing how much people rely on electronics daily. Before moving day, have an electrician make sure your current electrical system can handle all the gadgets you own. Now is the time to install additional outlets or better lighting. You can even add new features, such as voice controls, motion sensors, or a fantastic sound system.

Create Storage Solutions 

Everything you bring into your new home needs a designated place. Making sure you have adequate storage options will ensure you actually unpack your belongings instead of leaving everything in boxes indefinitely. Consider installing custom-fitted shelves, drawers, or hanging poles in the closets to help you organize your stuff. Even adding shelving or cabinets inside the garage will create more storage solutions.

Change the Locks

How many people owned the house before you? Imagine if all of them still had a set of house keys. Even if you bought a new build, different contractors or realtors could have access to your home. Changing the locks and ordering a brand new set of keys should be on the top of your priority list.

Although these changes may seem simple, it is best to complete them now before you start unpacking all your stuff. These tips will help streamline your move so that you feel right at home in your new space.