Are you preparing for a move and wondering how you can possibly find enough boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels–among everything else–for a low price? Connecticut’s Finest Movers has the inside scoop on how you can find packing supplies for discount rates (or even free!). Read on for a few tips about sourcing your cheap packing materials and being as thrifty as possible while moving.

Make A Plan

Creating an outline of everything which needs to be packed, and then categorizing what type of packing supplies you’ll need for each item or group of items, allows you to get organized. When you have a packing plan you’re much less likely to over-purchase or overspend on packing materials. Waste reduction and cost control is the foundation of a thrifty move.

Collect Free Boxes

Ask friends and neighbors for their cardboard boxes, provided they’re in good condition. Alternatively, you can call local businesses and ask them if they have any extra boxes or packing sheets, and when they put them out. Check out the back of grocers and warehouse retailers, as they tend to throw out boxes after unloading inventory.

Use Household Items

For clothes and linens, which don’t need to be packed the same way as fragile items, try using some common household staples like plastic garbage bags, cloth cube-organizer drawers, or dresser drawers.


Try to part with as much as possible in order to use less packing supplies, as well as save on stress during the moving process. Donate any discarded items to a charitable organization or consignment shop.

Moving to a new house, or a new location completely should be a fun and rewarding experience. You don’t have to spend a fortune on packing supplies and moving devices to get from point A to B, and our experts at Connecticut’s Finest Movers are always happy to help. For regularly updated articles, or for more moving tips, check out our blog.