Moving is often difficult for pets. They don’t understand what is going on, and it can be confusing and frightening. There are some things that you can do to help prepare and protect your pet during the moving process.

Update their information

Let your vet know that you’re moving. Update your information with your vet. If your pet has a chip, make sure to update any agency that needs your new contact information. This way, if your pet does get out of the house in your new neighborhood, it will be easier for him to be returned to you.

Pack food, medications, and toys

Pack your pet’s food, toys, and medications separately. Bring these items to the new house in your car so that you know where they are. Also, take a leash along with you.

Quiet safe space on moving day

While the movers are at your home, confine your pet to a quiet, safe room. Empty everything out of the room, so no one will have a reason to go in there. This way, your pet won’t accidentally escape during all of the moving day activity. Be sure to put water, food, and some toys in the room to keep your pet entertained.

Time to go

Bring your pet to the new house on the last trip there. Take the pet with you in your car, after the movers have unloaded your items in the new house. Bring your pet into the home and into a quiet room. Keep the animals in one room until you unpack the car. Be sure to give the pets extra attention once you’re in the house.

One final bit of advice is to use caution when entering or exiting the house until your pet adjusts to their new surroundings. You don’t want them to escape and get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood.