When you’re getting ready to uproot and expand your horizons, you likely have a lot on your mind. Timeframes, final bills, transportation – all in addition to the sometimes overwhelming task of sorting, packing, and loading all of your belongings in preparation for the big move. You’ll probably want to enlist the assistance of a moving company to help pack, lift, load and transport your belongings. How will you decide which moving company to hire? Connecticut’s Finest Movers has been helping our clients stay organized and efficient on moving day for years, and we’ve compiled a series of questions you can ask your moving company to ensure that they’ll be a good fit to meet your moving-day needs.

Client Feedback and References

When deciding which moving company to take on, you can treat each individual option as an interviewee. You can (and should) ask to see at least three recent reviews from past clients who were satisfied with the company’s service. Seeing a moving company that has made its clients happy increases the rapport with the company, and makes them a much more desirable option for your move.

Services Offered

Asking your moving company about what services are offered may seem unnecessary, but it’s highly important to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the moving company will and will not be able to help you with. Be sure that the company you’re choosing offers the services you need the most for your situation.

Cost Estimate

Ask your moving company if they offer an estimated price for their services, based on the size of your home and your number of belongings. Depending on how many large, fragile, or heavy items requiring transport, the proposed costs may fluctuate. Getting an in-home estimate reduces that fluctuation and gives you a better idea of how well the moving services fit into your budget.

Tracking Items

During the moving process, it’s important to have a list or spreadsheet prepared for every item being moved. Ask your movers if they will be prepared with an inventory of your items or if that’s something you’ll be responsible for. See if there’s a way you can work out an agreement if you are in fact responsible for the inventory (in other words, see if your movers will check off items on your custom-made inventory sheet).


One of the most critical questions to ask your movers is how they deal with accidents involving either staff, clients, or property damage. Determine the degree of insurance used by your moving company and be sure to ask what extra safeguards are in place to prevent worker injury or property damage.

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