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Need a moving truck? We provide the best customer service and the truck to help take the stress out of moving!



Packing or unpacking your moving truck? Let us do the heavy lifting to make your moving experience less stressful!

Local Moving Service

Are you looking to hire movers? Connecticut’s Finest Movers LLC provides the best in professional moving services. Whether you are looking for a full service move through out the tri-state area or you are looking for moving labor only to load and unload your rental truck of choice,  we have a solution for any of your moving needs. We are

dedicated to helping our customers settle into their new homes,  our services are both reliable and affordable.  At Connecticut’s Finest Movers LLC, our moving labor experts proudly serve customers in a honest, friendly & professional manner whether you are choosing our full service moving option or  loading and unloading your moving vehicle of choice, we can ease your mind.

Our moving labor services include:

  • Reasonably priced moving services
  • Friendly and courteous staff
  • Scheduling for your convenience
  • No hidden fees or charges

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Connecticut Moving Service

Moving to a new location can be understandably stressful, which is why the friendly and professional team at Connecticut’s Finest Movers is happy to shoulder the burden and help streamline your moving experience.  Our moving service aims to offer the convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind you need to focus on more important things.

We’re pleased to offer two convenient options.  Our movers will either show up with a truck to haul your stuff, or we’ll gladly load and unload your vehicle on-site.  Our cost-effective solutions ensure every customer gets the services they prefer.

For over a decade, we’ve proven our commitment to meeting the needs of customers by providing professional and convenient services, making us the trusted local moving company we are today.

Hire Movers for Projects of Any Size

Whether you’re moving the contents of your Milford apartment or you have 30 years’ worth of accumulated stuff in your 3,000-square-foot home, the dedicated movers at Connecticut’s Finest Movers can handle the job with the efficiency and care you expect and deserve.  We have the expertise to handle jobs of any size, ensuring that your possessions safely reach their destination in a timely manner.

When you need Connecticut movers capable of managing the size and scope of your job, we provide the experienced professionals you’re looking for at competitive rates, and you have the choice of using our trucks, or having our capable team of movers load and unload your vehicles to save on costs.  No job is too large or too small.


Your Trusted Local Moving Company in Milford

At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation as your trusted Milford moving service.  We not only offer convenient options and competitive rates, but we put a premium on your total satisfaction.

Our movers always show up on time, ready to get to work.  We know your time is valuable and we do our best to quickly and efficiently get the job done, without compromising the safety of your possessions.  Whether you’re moving across town or to another city in the tri-state area, we ensure a smooth transition to your new living situation by getting your property to its new destination intact and in a timely manner.


Movers for Specialized Needs

Not every move involves a simple “point A to point B” scenario.  Perhaps you need items moved to storage in between, or maybe items will be split between households.  When you have specialized needs, we’re happy to work with you to come up with personalized solutions that reduce your stress and ensure successful outcomes.

You don’t want just any local moving company Milford to handle your precious possessions, especially when a move is more complicated than usual.  Our conscientious team treats every box of books and heirloom armoire with the same care and consideration you would.

We’re the local moving company Milford you can trust to get the job done right.  When you partner with the capable and experienced team at Connecticut’s Finest Movers, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with hiring the finest movers in the tri-state area.


Moving Labor throughout Connecticut



Moving Labor Service

Are you looking for a manned moving truck to take your belongings from point A to point B?  Or do you simply need strong arms to help you carry items to your own trucks, and then unload them at your new residence?  With Connecticut’s Finest Movers, you’ll get exactly the moving labor service you need.  The trained and experienced team of professionals at Connecticut’s Finest Movers is ready to help with the convenient moving services you expect, and the conscientious attitude that ensures your precious cargo reaches its destination intact and on time. 

 Local Moving Services

At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, no distance is too great or too small.  We’re pleased to offer convenient local moving services, whether you’re moving to the next town, or your new home is down the road.  We want to make your move as smooth as possible, which is why we always show up on time, ready to get the job done to your satisfaction.  Our skilled, conscientious team treats every object with care so you can make your new house feel like a home in no time.

 Hire Movers for Long Distance Moves

Connecticut’s Finest Movers specializes in pleasing people, which is why we proudly offer both local and long-distance moving services for households of any size.  When you hire a moving service, you expect a skilled and efficient team of professionals to help you load, unload, and even pack.  We offer the services you need to get going and reach your destination as quickly as possible so you can settle into your new home and your new life, with a lot less stress.

 Enhanced Moving Help with Packing Services

Whether you’ve been at your current residence just a few months or a couple of decades, you probably have plenty of stuff to pack, and this can be overwhelming when you’re working on a deadline.  What if you could hire movers to help you pack?  At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, no job is too small or too large, and our talented team is trained to help expedite the moving process with careful and efficient packing services that meet your personal needs.

 Specialty Item Moving

Most household moves feature large items like beds, couches, dining sets and more.  Many also include fragile items, and the local movers at Connecticut’s Finest Movers are more than capable of handling these items with the care they’re due.  However, we also offer specialty items moving for your convenience.  Whereas other moving companies will refuse to help with large, heavy, or rare and expensive items like your piano, your massive flatscreen TV, or your antique, grandfather clock, we’ll do the heavy lifting to get your entire household moved to its new destination.

 Boxes and Supplies

At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, we don’t confine our moving help to heavy lifting.  We also offer all the moving supplies you might need to get the job done, from boxes and crates to moving blankets and straps, to packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, and more.  Our conscientious team has your back with everything you could possibly need to complete your move.