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How to Purge Your Home Before Moving Day?

Leaving your old home can be a matter of both sadness and happiness. You may be sad because you lived in it for so many years, and you may be happy because you are moving into a new one for a new beginning. But you should know that moving your house isn’t always an […]

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How to Move House Plants

One of the decisions you will make at the time of moving your home is with regard to relocating your potted plants and garden plants safely to their new home. Professional moving services will not move your plants as they seldom survive long journeys. In fact, decide if you want to take all your […]

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4 Tips For Packing Electronics

Are you planning a move in 2018? Are you dreading the hours of packing and moving? Well, you are not alone. Thankfully there are a ton of resources, like this blog, that is dedicated to providing you with excellent advice to make your next move as smooth as possible. One of the most nerve […]

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How to Change Your Address

You think you’ve done everything necessary to prepare for your move (like choosing a reputable company like Connecticut’s Finest Movers), but did you forget all the companies and people you need to notify? Read on for the steps needed to change your address when you move.
Post Office
Updating your address through the U.S. Post Office […]

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Moving Over the Holidays? How to Make It a Smooth Transition

Moving during the holidays can make the entire family feel uprooted and even more homesick than during a move at other times of the year. Trying to balance moving requirements with still celebrating the holidays takes preparation and forethought.
Moving With Kids
Children oftentimes struggle the most with moving — they have to leave their friends […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving never seems like a big deal until you’re faced with the project of packing everything you own and getting it safely to a new location. Just the sheer amount of stuff you’ve collected over the years can feel overwhelming to deal with, and even the most minimalistic among us may have difficulty knowing […]

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The Dark Side of Moving Yourself

Let’s face it, moving to a new home — whether it’s across town or across the country — is an exciting prospect. Now if only you could magically get from your old house to the new one with the wave of a magic wand. Abracadabra! Poof! No luck, you’re still faced with the task […]

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Packing for a Long-Distance Move

Moving a long distance is something that can be rather stressful. One thing that you have to worry about during the move is making sure that your belongings don’t get broken. Let’s face it – you can’t control the road conditions that the truck will experience, so you need to make sure that everything […]

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6 Strategies for a Successful and Stress-Free Move

Planning to move? A move to a new home should be an exciting time; however, it can be fraught with worry, stress, and angst. Keep your move as smooth as possible when you follow these six tips to help make the transition seamless and successful.


1. Spring for Short-term Storage

Depending on your move-in schedule, it could […]

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How to Know When It’s Time to Employ a Moving Company

Moving is an exciting and life-changing situation, whether it’s across the state for college or across the country for a new position. Some moves are bigger than others, however, and taking such a huge step alone might be more trouble than it’s worth. While it’s unlikely that any move will be easy or stress-free, […]

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