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6 Home-Buying Tips You Can Take To The Bank

If you are looking for some tips regarding a home purchase, you came to the right place. We enjoy helping people find the best home for their families; then we help them move to their new home and take away much of the confusion and stress with this process. Below are ten home-buying tips […]

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Moving Tips For Pet Owners

Moving can be a stressful process both from humans and pets alike. In fact, it can be an especially harsh disruption for your furry friend. All of a sudden, they’re about to find themselves in a new environment. This is quite a challenge. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

Speak To […]

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

If you want to move without pain and stress, you need to have a checklist. This will make it easy for you to figure out each step of the way. You will also spend less time than if you tried to keep everything in your head.

On the other hand, without a solid checklist, […]

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Are Professional Movers Worth It?

Deciding between hiring a mover or doing it yourself is a difficult decision. Moving saves money, but it takes a lot of time, planning and muscle. A professional moving company has the equipment and expertise to relocate your household quickly and efficiently. The decision on how to move is easier with an understanding of […]

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Do I Need to Tip My Movers?

Movers work under a lot of pressure and carry a lot of responsibility. Few in the service industry work harder than professional movers who handle all the heavy lifting and more. Professional movers work at a fast pace, maintain a schedule, and ensure that no damage occurs to your home or possessions, including the […]

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How Do Movers Calculate Weight?

Moving can be a stressful time! There is so much to remember, pack, and get together that it’s hard to know where to start. Then there’s the issue of hiring a moving company or truck driver to take your essential furniture and belongings to your new location. This is not only a daunting task […]

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5 Tips For Moving Heavy Objects

Moving heavy furniture is a very intense process. There are so many things that could go wrong you may feel intimidated by the idea. However, with the right directions, you can improve your chances of a safe and pleasant move. Here are some tips from Connecticut’s Finest Movers to help you get started.

Plan Ahead

Planning […]

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3 Tips To Help Make Moving In Together Easier

You and your partner have decided to move in together. That’s great! Deciding to live with your significant other is an exciting time in every couple’s life.

However, once you both start to move your things into the house, the excitement may fade and frustration may start to set in. Trying to combine two homes […]

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4 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home Before You Move

Everyone accumulates things that they don’t really need over the years. Most of the time, we throw these items in the basement or closet and forget that they are there until it is time to move. Having unnecessary clutter can make moving into a new home a hectic and dreadful task.

Keeping your home clutter […]

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Moving Into Your First Apartment? Here is What You Need to Know

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step. But it can be overwhelming, too. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare for this important step.

Get Organized

There’s a lot to do, so start by getting organized. Use a physical or digital notebook to keep track of your to-do list, contact information (for […]

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