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Do you need driving help?
Moving Van- $100
Moving Truck - $120 10ft
Moving Truck - $150 14ft - 17ft
Moving Truck - $299 18-26ft

Terms for driving
Driving help costs are for two stops only, plus the gas station. Gas fill ups for the rental truck are the customer's responsibility. We will meet the customer at the designated rental truck shop, the customer signs all paperwork, pays for the truck, gas, and insurance. We will then drive your rental truck to location A to load and then drive the rental truck to location B to unload, all within CT. Then we will stop at the gas station with the customer, then drop the rental truck off at the rental shop. Automatic trucks only, we do not drive standard trucks. 18ft trucks or bigger must have off street parking in busy cities or we do not drive. Driving help cost is for driving only, if you hired both moving labor and driving together, you still have to pay for the time between location A to location B.  
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